Our Vision, Mission and Values


WCCN Learning Management System will be nationally recognised as leading the application of multimodal tuition in Nursing Higher Education Institution, to digitally empower diverse teachers and learners to connect, communicate and collaborate by creating a rich environment indulging technology to enhance teaching and learning in Public Nursing Education Institutions.


To facilitate e-learning and other technologies to enhance creativity, collaboration, communication, in a learner-centered teaching environment. The center promotes superior teaching and learning that mutually enhance one another for the benefit of the learner, the organisation and the community. Platform to support classroom teaching and ensuring continued teaching and learning outside the classroom in situations where face to face contact is not possible due to adverse incidents such as experienced during a worldwide epidemic, or in the event where a national disaster occurs.

Our Values

Our values define who we are how we should act towards each other. The values set out below represent the fundamental operating principles of how we perform our outputs.

We Embrace Innovation: embrace changes and new ideas and are ready to look at the world and the challenges we face with a fresh determination. We aim to adjust to new situations even those that arise unexpectedly without losing our sense of direction and purpose.

We are Objective: Professional credibility is based on the way we perform our outputs. We strive to be impartial and objective and ensure that our outputs and results are based on a rigorous research methodology and evidence-based practice.

We Work Together: We work together to serve the interests of a Multi Campus environment, internal and external stakeholders within the Western Cape Government Health and beyond.

We Act Responsibly: We do our best to do the right thing and perform outputs for the common good, including our internal and external stakeholders.