About Us

The Western Cape College of Nursing

iLearn is WCCN’s official online Learning Management System. This platform supports collaboration, learning and teaching for all WCCN’s courses. WCCN’s Academic staff and registered students have access to their courses by logging into iLearn using their institutional username and password.

WCCN’s teaching and learning strategy gives recognition to the importance of diverse teaching and learning practices. With the emergence of Web 2.0 tools and its connective, interactive, and collaborative features, it has prompted transformation in all spheres of our lives, non-less than in higher education.

Plans to implement an online learning management system were initiated in 2019, however the advent of the COVID -19 pandemic has led to disruption in all spheres of our lives and has compelled us to find quick, innovative solutions. Worldwide, teaching and learning was disrupted. This brought about an accelerated move towards online learning. However, WCCN continued to ensure that a valuable learning system was approved.

The benefit of the iLearn system is that it can be customised to facilitate online learning and blended learning. WCCN aims to provide a well-planned online and blended learning experience in response to the pandemic as well as a learning system that is easily accessible, sustainable, meaningful and customisable to the needs of the institutional teaching and learning strategies.