Resources, Policies and Documents

 WCCN 1 Vision and Mission Policy
 WCCN 2 RPL Policy
 WCCN 3 Curriculum Development Policy
 WCCN 4 Admissions and Registrations Policy
 WCCN 5 Provision of Information Policy
 WCCN 6 Assessment Policy Including Rules for Progression Revised in Academic Planning
 WCCN 7 Student at Risk Policy
 WCCN 8 Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Policy
 WCCN 9 Subject Review Policy
 WCCN 10 Teaching and Learning Strategy
 WCCN 11 Moderation Policy
 WCCN 12 Student Reflection on Teaching and Learning
 WCCN 13 Work Integrated Learning Policy
 WCCN 14 Contingency plan
 WCCN 15 Academic Rules and Regulations January 2024
 WCCN 16 Library Security Officer
 WCCN 17 Quality Managment Policy
 WCCN 18 Student Academic Support
 WCCN 19 Pregnancy Policy
 WCCN 20 Student transport Policy
 WCCN 21 Referencing Technique Guide
 WCCN 22 Student Identification Devices
 WCCN 23 Indemnity Policy
 WCCN 24 Student Disability Policy
 WCCN 25 SRC Policy
 WCCN 26 Programme Administrative Policy
 WCCN 27 Combined Disciplinary Code and Procedure policy and Appeals Policy
 WCCN 28 Invigilation Policy
 WCCN 29 Certification Policy
 WCCN 30 Development of Learning Material
 WCCN 31 Information Literacy Policy
 WCCN 32 Orientation of Students
 WCCN 33 Progression Rules
 WCCN 34 Orientation of Staff
 WCCN 35 Research Policy
 WCCN 36 Library Access Policy
 WCCN 37 Library Conditions of Use
 WCCN 38 Library Donations Guideline
 WCCN 39 Library Collections Policy
 WCCN 40 Library acquisitions Policy
 WCCN 41 Verification Process for SANC Submissions
 WCCN 42 Policy on the Setting and Handling of Assessments Across a Multi Campus Setup
 WCCN 43 Peer Review Policy
 WCCN 44 Student Recruitment and Selection Policy
 WCCN 44.1 Template Monitoring and Evaluation Recruitment Under Graduate Students
 WCCN 44.2 Template Monitoring and evaluation Recruitment Post Graduate Students
 WCCN 44.3 SOP PGDIP Selection.pdf
 WCCN 45 Clinical Accompaniment Policy
 WCCN 46 Policy on Documentation
 WCCN 47 Simulation Lab Policy
 WCCN 48 Language Policy
 WCCN 49 Programme Review Policy
 WCCN 50 Governance Structure
 WCCN 51 Institutional Statute of WCCN June 2021
 WCCN 52 Code of Conduct